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The Google search engine, found at processes hundreds of millions of searches every day.  Each one of those searches represents a person attempting to solve a problem or satisfy a question by finding the right information on the World Wide Web.  The Adwords program allows businesses to buy text and links on the Google results page. 

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You only pay for the ad when a viagra online pharmacy person clicks it and visits your website.  The money you pay for each visitor could be as low as one cent, or as high as $80, which depends on the quality of your ad, your website, and how competitive the market is by the word or phase (known as a keyword, even if it is many words long) which was typed by that person.

The first pay per click (PPC) search engine was (which is now known as Yahoo), ran on a straight auction basis.  If you wanted to place an ad in the top position you simply bid more than everybody else for a keyword.  Google got to be on top in the PPC world because by letting horribly written, unattractive ads be on top just because someone was willing to spend more money than everyone else was bad for everyone.

Adwords really solved this problem by rewarding advertisers whose ads were the most popular with searchers.  If your ad was two times as popular as someone else’s, your cost per click was one half what your competitor was billed for the same position on the page.

Really relevant  and interesting ads got to be on the top of the page, and unappealing ads faded away because they weren’t profitable.  By tweaking the Adwords program over the years, Google has provided more and more relevant search results to its users.

We here at Ciniva are very knowledgeable about this.  In fact several people here are Adwords certified.  So whether or not your business is in Hampton Roads, or out of state, give us a call at 757-499-1990 to let us help you be at the top of your game with Adwords

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