California Dreaming

One thing we do well around here is SEO, particularly for travel bureaus and tourism agencies. One of our founders got his start marketing travel agencies in new media, and when CINIVA launched the company parlayed that expertise into helping CVBs and other destinations increase their virtual foot traffic. These days we have clients in the Outer Banks and Northern Virginia, and have even consulted with towns in Southern California. Today I spent a good part of the morning researching area festivals for an article to be distributed through the social media channels we use.

I’ve had friends ask me if it’s difficult to write about travel and destinations if I’ve never been to some of places in my articles. Granted, I’m fairly well traveled (in the US, anyway) and do bring quite a bit of personal thought into the stories I write for clients. For unknown locales, however, I may depend upon the client for a bit of help, and of course I can research what I don’t know. The client websites, if done properly, provide the most relevant information I need on a destination. I also like to check Wikipedia and official government sites (if they differ from those of their respective travel bureaus) to see what details on attractions, weather, and dining I can offer readers.

If you operate a business highly dependent on tourism- be it a bed and breakfast inn, a kayak tour company, or even a restaurant in a seasonally-appealing town, it’s important to rank high in search. If travel planners can’t find you on the first few pages, they can’t book with you. Our job with our clients is to make sure the bookings come in on a regular basis – we work together to ensure a user-friendly website and high visibility in Google, so many people will see the breathtaking views from their hotels and the beaches this summer.

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