Cinco de Mayo in Virginia Beach

Once in a while we need to shake off the stress and let off some steam. This week, with Cinco de Mayo looming like a slice lime off a horizon of Corona beer, we might take an extended lunch for a plate of deluxe nachos. One of our clients, Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort, celebrates annually with a Cinco de Mayo, where you can buy Virginia Beach tanning upgrades and lotions at great prices. And on Tuesday, everybody tans for free, you can’t beat that. It’s a great promotion that’s worked well for them – we recently created their e-mail blast to promote the event.

Until then, we can only think about a great meal. There’s a guacamole recipe I have that’s easy prepare: mash an avocado and stir in some cilantro, lime juice, black pepper, and pico de gallo. Instant dip for a great party. Sounds good right about now, actually.

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