CINIVA Clients Receive Awards at Film Festival

New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF) Panel Awards Rex Motion Media Three Bests for 2009 Screening of “Tanners Point” – Distributor ITN Selects Television Show for Presentation at Mache de Cannes!

New York/Las Vegas: Monday, April 13, 2009 – The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival (NYIIFVF) Judges Panel proudly announces Tanners Point is the recipient of three major awards from this year’s festival. The new reality television project is awarded Best Reality Show, Best Ensemble and Best Soundtrack. Festival Founder Stuart Alson also broke the news that ITN, Distribution is picking Tanners Point up for presentation at Marche de Cannes.

It was a pleasure to have Tanners Point among this year’s dynamic selections,” says Alson. “The Production values were outstanding, and its content equally matched. The story, music, and performances were so cohesive” Alson says they deserved acknowledging.” Alson then announced world wide distributor of Independent productions, ITN had selected Tanners for presentation at March de Cannes for possible theatrical, television and cable distribution.

One award is cause for celebration at Rex Motion Media,” says Tanners Point Producer Ethan Marten “but three honors, and a distribution deal is like getting the key to the city.” Marten continues, “this confirms quality of story and production is achievable on budget by creative Independents. Thank you NYIIFVF for your unflagging support of Independent producers.”

NYIIFVF has been a leading voice for independent film since its founding in 1993. Alson admits he loves bringing filmmakers together, giving them opportunities to succeed. “This is why I created the festival in the first place,” says Alson, “to give independents a place to be seen, grow, and to develop into the next generation of greats. To foster projects like Tanners Point.”

Part Reality TV, part Mocumentary and sit-com Tanners Point follows Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort Owner Dennis Ligon through his daily trials, tribulations, and triumphs operating a thriving business that threatens to box him in. At day’s end, Dennis and his quirky cast of characters find redemption within.

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NYIIFVF: The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival was founded in 1993 by entertainment impresario Stuart Alson and is recognized as the largest competitive independent film event in the world.

The official website of Tanners Point, created by CINIVA Systems, launched in March to coincide with the debut of the television series.

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