Ciniva Delivers the Verdict: Speedy Website Design for D.C. Law Firm Hausfeld LLP

Virginia Beach based Ciniva Systems, an award-winning web design and marketing agency, recently inked a contract with Washington D.C. based Hausfeld LLP, a top US litigation firm, to design the website for their new practice. Operating under strict deadlines, Ciniva was able to design, program, and provide content for the site, as well as manage the transfer of key email accounts, by the time the new firm was ready to take on clients. The website, which was completed in just ten days, gave Hausfeld LLP the credibility and functionality necessary to jump-start the major US law firm as their members transitioned from previous positions.

Michael D. Hausfeld, founder of Hausfeld LLP and one of the country’s most respected civil litigators, opened Hausfeld LLP shortly after parting ways with his former firm, thus creating an urgent need for a well-designed website that could handle the incoming traffic expected after the new company was announced. Rising to the challenge, Ciniva Systems was able to efficiently develop the website within the specified time constraints and ensure that Hausfeld LLP would have an impressive web presence to match the firm’s impressive legal resume.

Ciniva’s President and CEO, Steve Van Leeuwen, was enthusiastic to help launch the firm’s new site. “We worked within the time we were given, implemented the infrastructure required, and provided a finished product that Hausfeld LLP was delighted to have as the face of their brand.” Van Leeuwen asserts that Ciniva’s expertise in efficient website design, with over 450 websites completed, provides them with a credibility few other Virginia design firms can match. “Hausfeld knew that we were the company to turn to if they needed a quick turnaround on the project, and they knew we would do it right.”

The website for Hausfeld LLP, located at, uses one of Ciniva’s proprietary content management systems to drive the site behind the scenes. Ciniva’s content management system, highly regarded as extremely user-friendly, allows the associates at Hausfeld LLP to modify the site without having much technical knowledge.

To help the site permeate the web, Ciniva also performs search marketing work that increases visitor traffic from the search engines. The new site, combined with superior technical support, and focused internet marketing, ensures that Hausfeld LLP will be well equipped to focus on litigation that protects the rights of individuals and businesses around the globe.

Ciniva Systems
Founded in 1998, Ciniva Systems is an internet marketing, web design, and site hosting company located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They have designed over 450 websites and currently manage search marketing campaigns for many businesses, non-profits, and government organizations across the United States.

Hausfeld LLP
Based in Washington DC and with offices in San Francisco and New York City, Hausfeld LLP handles litigation for plaintiffs in high-profile, complex matters across the United States and in Europe and Asia. Chaired by Michael Hausfeld, one of the best-known class action lawyers in the US, they specialize in domestic and international legal services in the areas of antitrust/ competition, human rights, product liability, civil rights, environmental, and securities fraud.

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