Colon Cleanse

When I gave birth to my fifth child, my appendix ruptured.  This caused peritonitis which almost killed me.  Well, I didn’t die, but I had to have a buy viagra temporary colostomy for four months. I was in intensive care for a very long time with lots of tubes attached to various places on my body.

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Living with a bag attached to my side to go to the bathroom in was no fun.  That was the pits, believe you me!  I am so grateful that it wasn’t permanent.  The point I am making here is for people to get their colon screened.  Getting something diagnosed before it is a real problem could save you from having a permanent colostomy or even death.

The place to go is Virginia Colonoscopy.  They can make the experience much more pleasant than you think.  Dr. Keith Berger, M.D. of Virginia Beach has performed over 40,000 procedures since 1979. He is a graduate a Harvard College, Yale University, and Duke Medical School, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. He is available to meet with you to discuss your colon health and to perform a colonoscopy. Please call 757-412-4919 today to make your appointment, or go to their website that Civina designed to learn more about ensuring a healthy colon.

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