Crazy for Copper

I am an artist.  My favorite metal to work with is viagra us copper.  I love the beauty of copper.  I make jewelry and I would never wrap crystals or stones in any other wire but copper.  Besides how nice it looks, it actually makes you feel physically better.

Copper pipe is the choice of plumbers for main water supply lines, high pressure gas installations, and running water supply lines under sinks in bathroom and kitchen.  Coming in two types, rigid and flexible, it is a versatile material. 

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 Copper, used for centuries, has gained new popularity in its modern form: light, strong, corrosion-resistant tube. Copper never requires painting for protection from corrosion. In addition, a thin film forms inside the tube, providing natural protection from corrosion. Copper’s trouble-free service means satisfied customers. And its universal acceptability assures compliance with major building codes. Copper is safe, too. It will not burn or support combustion. So it will not carry fire through floors, walls and ceilings, and it will not decompose into toxic gases.

Can you tell I love copper?  Well guess what?  Ciniva created the website for  Premier Copper started in 1989 in Norfolk and has since moved to a bigger facility in Portsmouth.  So if you are in need of copper pipe, backing rings, deck drains, valves etc. start by visiting Premier Copper.   Maybe I will too.  I’m feeling a need to start going into sculpture.  A great big copper sculpture!

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