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Monday morning once again, and while we’re usually recovering from a weekend of hard-enjoyed fun at the beach, this time we rested up from our trip to Mountain View, California and the Google Headquarters. That’s right – Google invited CINIVA Systems to an exclusive seminar designed to help small businesses improve the way they work online and utilize programs like Google AdWords. In our world, it’s akin to receiving an invitation to Emerald City to meet the Wizard. How could we say no?

The cross-country flight was nothing to write (text, IM) home about, but California’s hospitality well made up for the trip. Google takes special care of its guests – we enjoyed a rockin’ cocktail party the night before the seminar and met lots of Web business owners from around the country. Before we knew it, it was time to meet the wizards.

Were at google and pumped on Twitpic

Working at Google, you don’t have to go anywhere for anything. It’s like it’s own little community. The food court (yeah, it looks just like that!) is amazing. It’s said the new Google employee gains an average of 15 pounds on the job, and we can see why. I had to try everything there myself.

The Amazing google cafeteria. All cultures of food. I had it ... on Twitpic

They even have their own “moon pies” – oatmeal cookies and ice cream.

Google moonpie.  Delicios. on Twitpic

For you geeks out there, a piece of history: the original Google server rack!

The original google server rack. on Twitpic

Lastly, our Google account team, who’s worked with us for a long time. They’re the ones who help keep us at the top of our game. It’s great to put faces with the names we talk to on the phone.

Our account team. Great group gave uS tools and data to rock ... on Twitpic

Truly it was an experience we won’t forget. Definitely if you are ever invited to visit HQ, do it!

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