Greetings from Virginia Beach

Looking out the windows of our Virginia Beach office, we’re happy to see the weather is finally warming up and appearing as it should for the South. We’re all in agreement here that we’re ready for Spring. Between the flightiness of the snow and rain, the harsh winds over the last few days, it’s time for the sun.

It can’t come any sooner, either. One of our clients is throwing a big beach bash this weekend and we’re going to try and stop by. These parties are legendary – lots of great food and music, a big celebration of a successful year of business. We need more stories like that, too, given the news we read. It’s comforting to know, too, much of that success is attributed to a strong online presence and solid e-mail marketing. It gets the message out loud and clear, and despite the tenuous economy people are still patronizing business. There are necessities to be met.

Today, though, I’m plugging away on a new site for a client – a simple magazine layout with video capability and nifty ad rotator application. That should get me through lunch and beyond.

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