Harvest, Horses, & Halloween

Horses are my most favorite animal in the whole world.  Several years ago I took my 5 kids to the outer banks  for a few days to enjoy the fall weather and see the wild horses. Back then they roamed around free.  I got a bag of apples and we drove around till we found a herd of horses. So I started throwing apples around to bring the horses up close so I can take pictures. Bad idea, real bad. The next thing I know is my oldest daughter is completely surrounded by the herd and it was looking pretty dangerous. She said rather sarcastically, “I hope your getting this on film mother!” I was praying very hard for help by this time and it came in the form of a ranger jumping out of his jeep, yelling and clapping at the horses to get them to go back to the marshes. (if I would of known that, I could of done it)  He wasn’t real happy with me.  These days the horses are protected within the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge from people like me.(cough-cough)  But if you want to be around horses and pick out a pumpkin this Halloween season, you can by visiting the Pumpkin Patch at Wrangler Farms. They are conducting horse drawn hayrides every Saturday in October from 3-5pm. Visit http://www.harvestmoonhorses.com/Hayrides.html for more information.

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I was really proud to find out that Ciniva Systems was the web design company that created the beautiful website for Currituck.   Family adventures are just waiting to be experienced in NC.   Go to  www.visitcurrituck.com to find things to do and see this fall season. 

When you go to see the horses, you won’t be in danger of being trampled like we were. (ha-ha) Visit www.corollawildhorses.com to find out how to see them safely.

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  • Damaris

    Thank you for the sweet story. I loved it. I would love to see the wild horses. I know what to do for this Saturday.. pick up some pumpkins and go on a old fashioned hay ride. :)

  • Crystal

    I so would enjoy to go on a hay ride.Thanks for the information.