Introducing Ribbitt Toys

November, 2005 marked not only the beginning of Ribbitt Toys’ fourth year of business in the Ghent district of Norfolk, but the beginning of the popular toy store’s online presence. We are proud to contribute to Steve and Marcia Brodie’s success with the launch of, where discerning parents can find a wealth of fun and educational toys for children of all ages.

If you have the physical Ribbitt Toys store on Colley Avenue (just a few steps from Naro Expanded Cinema and Taste Unlimited) you’ll know this is no ordinary shop. Where chain toy stores seems to have exchanged the whimsy for tall, overstuffed and imposing aisles of pink and blue, Ribbitt has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Very interactive, too, as you’ll see the occasional child (or parent) testing a new toy for purchase. There is a wonderful selection of plush animals, science kits and construction toys, nostalgic toys, and Madame Alexander dolls, and the front store display is always changing! If you’re unable to visit Norfolk, be sure to visit the online Ribbitt store and unleash your inner child.

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