Intuition As a Self-Improvement Tool

How many challenging decisions come into your life? Should you take a specific job the best pharmacy store or stay where you are currently working? Is it wise to sell your home in the present market and move to another city? Where should you invest funds for retirement? It would be nice to have an actual crystal ball to provide the answers you need for a better life, and in truth something close does exist: your intuitive nature. The better you are able to tap into your personal intuition, the more you can improve the way you live and relate to family and friends.

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What Intuition Is

Intuition is often described as that “gut feeling” you get when something important is happening or about to occur. It could be a strange sense of forboding that takes over when you’re driving and think perhaps you are going the wrong way, or it could be a mental pull toward one gift item as opposed to the other while shopping, as you think about a friend and wonder which he would appreciate more for his birthday. Your intuition is built upon this series of thoughts, flashes, and mental tugs designed to guide you toward making the right decisions. It is part of our nature to feel through certain points of our life, and if we are able to hone our intuition it can be helpful in improving how we live, work and love.

What Intuition Is Not

Some may confuse intuition for psychic ability. While Edgar Cayce once affirmed that “everybody is psychic,” and psychic nature does have some intuitive roots, they are not exactly the same. Intuition is a personal gauge, one that allows a person to decide what’s best for himself. Most will associate psychic power with the ability to predict lottery numbers and catastrophic events. If you feel you have such a gift, you may wish to consult with a specialist able to assist you in nurturing it.

Growing Intuitively

Improving intuition is both a mental and physical exercise. To determine the state of your health, you listen to your body and make adjustments in diet and exercise where needed. So it is with intuitive skills. Meditate on the tougher problems, talk yourself through various scenarios before coming to important decisions. As you continue this practice you may find it easier to improve.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on intuition and Matrix energetics.

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    The advantages of Developing


    1. Unleashes your imagination and creativity

    2. Helps identify and address problems

    3. Reduce stress more effectively

    4. Integrates right and left brain functions and gives you a more comprehensive

    perception on issues