Is It Safe To Dump Coffee Grounds Down The Sink?

Whether or not to flush your coffee grounds down the sink has been in debate for years.  When I was a little girl my father told my mother that she should pour the grounds down the sink everyday because it was good for canadian viagra and healthcare the pipes.  Apparently it kept them clear.  As far as I remember we never had a clogged pipe due to coffee grounds.

Then I heard on t.v. that it wasn’t good for the pipes, but I didn’t hear why.  So I decided to research the subject.  Hear is what I found out.

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“Coffee grounds and grease.”

The answer to a question posed to a plumber on what causes the most blockages in drains.
Even if you don’t put them down the drain at the same time, they’ll meet up and form a sludgy impenetrable nightmare.

Do you have a garden or access to one?

Anything growing outside will benefit from the grounds.  You don’t have to compost.  Just spread ‘em around in your garden.  If you don’t have a garden, start compiling them in a container to take out into the world and spread them around.  If you have houseplants, you can put both coffee grounds and spent tea in them.  Otherwise, toss them in the trash.

Some plumbers say coffee grounds down the drain are OK if you run enough water to flush them completely out of the plumbing system. It takes a lot of water in most houses to rinse them that far.  If you put them down the sink, you might want to set aside a couple of bucks every time, so you have money to pay the plumber to clear the drains when the time comes. Unless, of course, you’re using a LOT of water to rinse them down, in which case you’re wasting water.

Kitchen trash can – or plants – not in the drain or garbage disposal!  That’s the bottom line!

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