Keeping children entertained

As a mother of  five kids I was always at my wits end trying to keep everyone happy.  Talk about abuse! I often felt like a cruise director trying to find things to do with all five of them that they would all enjoy. 

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Living in this area is great for that.  Besides the beach and tourist places, we have a great museum in Newport News.  It’s the Virginia Living Museum, another great client of Ciniva’s.   From the Discovery Center to the Abbitt Planetarium to the Cove & Cypress Swamp, there is something there for every age to enjoy.

Right now they have the neatest exhibit ever!  It is the Megalodon, a prehistoric shark the measures 60 feet!  It’s the largest shark that ever lived.  It’s a traveling exhibit that will be on display October 2009 – January 10, 2010.  You can actually enter the full-size sculpture through its massive jaws and discover this shark’s history and the world it inhabited.  Check it out!


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