Loving Lynnhaven Oysters

Boy! Do I love oysters! For years I would never even try one.   Then one night my boyfriend got some and insisted I try one.  Oh my gosh!  They were so fresh they just melted in my mouth.  They were so delicious,  we had to ask for 2 more orders.

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If you would where to get viagra cheap like to get some Lynnhaven Oysters, you may purchase them from the Old Beach Farmers Market at 19th & Cypress Streets in Virginia Beach, Saturday December 12th,  between the hours of 9am-1pm.  The Nor’easter had caused a temporary closer of all oyster grounds in Hampton Roads.  Because of this, the Lynnhaven Oyster Company wasn’t able to offer oysters at the market last Saturday.

Ciniva Systems designed the website for Lynnhaven River NOW, an organization that came together in 2003 with a committed group of local citizens to foster partnerships that would apply public and private resources to the challenge of reducing pollution in the Lynnhaven.  That core group formed the nucleus of what has grown into an award winning river restoration project with over 3,000 members called Lynnhaven River NOW.

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