Moving Memories

Two different friends of mine have had to move from Virginia Beach to Norfolk  in the last month.  It starts me thinking about all the times I had to move for 7 people, 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 bird and a tank of  fish.  My husband was in the Navy and we relocated more times than I want to count.  With 5 kids it was a real circus, let me tell you.  I hate moving! It is right up there cheap viagra without rx with death and divorce.  I would rather stick needles in my eyes than ever move again! 

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One of our biggest Ciniva clients in Hampton Roads is Nancy Chandler Realty.  Knowing so much about how she got started and how much honesty and integrity the family owned business has, if I ever did have to move again in this area, Nancy Chandler Realty is the way to go.

All the agents working for Nancy Chandler Realty are honest, caring and dedicated people.  People that desire to make the buying/selling experience as emotionally pain free as possible. They have a reputation for fair and timely negotiations and outstanding marketing expertise.  They have a motto “We Get People & Places Together.”

So if you hate moving as much as I do, make it easy on yourself.  Give Nancy a call.




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  • Robbie

    Here Here for hating moving! Especially when you are moving other people. That’s what 5 years with a truck in college got me…lots of moving friends.

  • Dorothy

    Thanks for the comment Robbie. There should be a “I hate moving” support group somewhere. There could be points for every box you pack. We could even have frequent mover points. Roll-over points. 100,000 points and you don’t have to participate in the move at all. You go to the beach and faze out till it’s all over.