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People come and go in a lifetime, often never knowing the lasting positive influence they’ve had on another.  No matter where on this bustling Earth they roam, the people who’ve helped us and shaped us deserve to know how; they deserve a heartfelt “Thank you.”

Gratitude affirms life.  Express yours at

This unique concept attracted us on many levels, and the result is a clean site design with a functional, user-friendly registration application. We like to think we are in the business of saying “thank you.” Many of our clients are local businesses who serve customer and constantly thank them for their patronage. Indeed, we are thankful to our clients for making us what we are – a top website design and development company thriving in a time when others have trouble staying afloat. Client confidence inspires us to do great work – and therefore helps our clients to succeed.

Thanking Of You is a positive site, needed in this day and age. How often do we forget to say “thank you” to the people who assist us on our life journeys? I can remember as a child when my parents would stand over me until I finished writing notes to all the relatives who sent gifts at birthdays and holidays. A daunting task, but an appreciative one. Thanking Of You takes this concept to a grander scale. Here you can send your appreciation to friends, family, and others who have helped you with something…anything at all! It doesn’t have to be for a gift or a loan, either. You can thank somebody for praying for us in times of illness, or for listening when you needed to rant, or for a tip that led to a great job. The gift of thanks is certain to inspire others to continue helping to make the world a better place.

What’s more, Thanking Of You is free to join. There is no cost to register and let somebody know how you feel. Is there somebody in your life who deserves a heartfelt thanks? This is the place to tell them.

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