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It seems to me that my father was always repairing the roof in the summer.   Living through Chicago’s brutal winters, probably had something to do with him having to fix the roof every summer.    He didn’t believe in calling in where to buy viagra pills someone else to fix anything.  He did everything himself.  Maybe that’s why he was always repairing the roof in the summer.  Maybe if he would of called an expert in the first place, years could of gone by without having a problem with the roof.  I just remember being so afraid that he would fall off the roof.  I would be crying, begging him to come down and to please call a roofer.

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Well, one of the websites that Ciniva designed was for West Roofing.  A real expert in repairing roofs or replacing a roof.  The company has been in business since 1946, when Roger West, Jr. started Peninsula Home Insulation Company on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

In 1968 Buddy West, the son of the founder, joined the company. West was only 18 years old at the time, and he expanded the business to include the Hampton Roads area.  Since the beginning, thousands of homes have been re-roofed by the Wests.   In 2005, Buddy West started a new roofing company.  West Roofing, also know as Westwind Roofing.  The company services the Eastern Shore of Virginia and all of Tidewater.  Hundreds of roofs have been installed each year by the company.

I bet if my father would of called a company like West Roofing, 20 years could of gone by without a problem with the roof.  Do yourself a favor.  If you have a problem with your roof, call up Buddy and let the expert take care of it.  757-287-2255

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  • Guest

    so true!

  • Herb Koguchi

    I think fathers have it in them to climb up the roof and take matters into their hands. Reshingling the roof is easy enough when you're experienced with it, but of course, the experts are there for our safety and for quality.

  • Baird Abner

    Such an amazing blog about the Roof Restoration and I really appreciate you work which you have done well.