SEO News, 1-12-06

Highlights from the latest edition of SEO News include:

Google, post-Jagger: Is your website affected for the better? If not, how can you regain the search success your site once enjoyed?

What can help: Fresh site content with a stickiness quality (get visitors and keep them), an established domain (with age comes trust), inbound links from trusted, relevant sources

What can hurt: Duplicated, irrelevant content, hidden text, reciprocal and “bad links” (avoid link farms and FFA sites)

What can be done: Re-evaulate site content for freshness and relevancy, and consider a more dynamic site in that respect; parse your content into articles for submission to article directories (e.g. Ezine Articles) with links to your site, re-evalute outbound links and clean up irrelevant code.

The trend toward attracting natural inbound links (sans obligatory reciprocation) is clearly becoming a greater factor in improving a site’s SEO. Of course, one shouldn’t depend entirely on one method, and neglect the need for good content. With the right combination of optimization techniques, search success can be achieved.

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