SEO Tips In A Sea Of Change

Highlights from Jim Hedger’s article on SEO Tips from WebProNews:

Google remains the most popular search engine and continues to drive more traffic than the other search engines combined. Another thing that has not changed is the greater volume of site traffic generated by organic search placement over any other form on online advertising.

With the algorithm updates completed in Google, the idea is to highlight even more the relevant websites that need not approach others for reciprocal linking, etc. We think of behemoth sites like and, which will likely remain high under relevant searches because they are viewed as trustworthy. Minor sites are apt to link to such site unbidden because of the fresh content provided.

Take a look at your own website. How relevant is the content to the audience you wish to target? Does it have an attractive, neccesary quality about it that would prompt another site owner to link back without having to be asked? How often is the content updated?

Organic search engine placement now requires a lot more work on our part and on the part of our clients or their webmasters. Content needs to be updated regularly, navigation simplified and shared analysis of on-site traffic is increasingly important. Top10 websites, especially around their main entry points, have become production pieces requiring a greater degree of strategic planning than the general, annually updated brochure sites do. Creation of that content needs to be considered a standing business expense though that expense should be more than made up for in long-term advertising savings.

People are interested in now. To maintain traffic, your site must stay current.

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    This proves that web readers are now hungry for new things. It may be challenging for bloggers to keep their blogs updated, but they need to do so in order to keep their audience coming back.

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    Post Replies on Other Blogs Comment on as many sites relevant to and popular with your niche. Do not spam for links but rather try to establish relationships with others in your field. Avoid using keyword names or signature links.

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    There are six or seven advanced public search engines out there but the vast majority of SEO attention is naturally given to Google. Many of the tips offered in this piece, while useful at the other search engines, are written with Google in mind.