Shopping for a New Web Developer?

The reasons for wanting to switch Web designers/developers may vary. You may not be satisfied with your current design or site functionality and wish to try something new. Your business may (hopefully) be expanding, and your current site cannot sustain your needs. Perhaps, and this is a common case with most site owners, customer service isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and though you want to be involved with your site you just aren’t savvy enough to handle technical problems on your own. It is not uncommon for the look and feel of a major website to change every 2-3 years to accommodate new technology and design, so this could be the time to shop for something new.

If you decide to take your business elsewhere, it stands to reason you will carefully research your current designer’s competition to see what differences are evident. Does a competing developer offer Flash and javascript capability, or maybe a specialized content management system that lets you create new pages from a template with ease? Are search engine optimization services part of a package deal, or do they offer different programs a la carte? Are they located nearby or based elsewhere, and how easy would it be to get in touch with them in case of emergency?

As you research your possibilities, one thing you may wish to note when shopping for a web designer is not only how well their site is designed, but whether or not they update the look and feel. Since launching in 1999, we have undergone at least three total redesigns of the main CINIVA site, and we are in the process of updating again. The reasoning is simple: the Web changes, and as a Web business we adapt. We know that what worked in 1999 won’t necessarily have the same results today, so we reflect our growth through new customization and design of our site.

If you haven’t been to our current website, head over to for one last look before we make the changes. We’ve come a long way since the old days, as you can see from these snapshots from



The Future: ???

Come back and see.

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