Stevie Wonder

 Stevie Wonder will be performing “A Wonder Autumn Night 2009″  at The Constant Center in Norfolk, October 25th.  I am a Stevie Wonder fan from way back when they used to call him “Little Stevie Wonder”.   I remember going to spend the night at free trial of viagra my cousin’s house the summer that Stevie’s hit record “Fingertips” came out.  We were sleeping on her front porch on a fold out bed trying to be quiet, listening to her transistor radio.  Her brothers and sister came out there to listen with us. 

Boy!  Was that a long time ago!  But anyway, fold out beds are kind of like how a new website unfolds and evolves here at Ciniva Systems.  We do not use templates.  Each web design is developed uniquely for each client.  Our clients get to enjoy their own content management system.  That means if they want to add unlimited pages to their site or change a page, they have the ability to do it themselves at no extra cost.  Other  web companies have to do the changes for you and then charge for it. 

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Ciniva designed an incredible website for The Constant Center.  Click on the link above to get your tickets to see Stevie Wonder.  I can tell you I am!

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