Sunny Sunday's

I am a beach person.  There is no better place in the world for me than being on the beach tanning and reading a book.  I have always known that being out in the sun is healthy for you.  For years we’ve been hearing from the experts that sun exposure is bad for you.  Not viagra online order usa anymore!  In recent years, researchers have found that tanning in moderation can be beneficial, as well as help treat certain medical conditions.  I already knew that!  I have psoriasis.  Going out in the sun completely gets rid of it.

A friend of mine wasn’t feeling well and went to her doctor and found out she was suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency.     Vitamin D prevents osteoporosis, depression, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and even effects diabetes and obesity.  Dr. William B. Grant, PhD, an internationally known research scientist who recently retired from NASA’s Langley Research Center, has discovered that moderate sun exposure, whether natural or artificial, is necessary to fight numerous forms of internal cancers.

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Now that us sun lovers can’t get to the beach as much because the weather is cooler, no problem!  Sunday’s Blue Box Tanning Resorts can supply us with all the Vitamin D we need.   Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort offers ten resorts in the Hampton Roads area for your convenience.

Sunday’s Blue Box Tanning Resorts has been an important Ciniva client for some time now.   Make sure you check out their website for a location closest to you and get your necessary dose of Vitamin D!

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