Super Colon Coming To A Town Near You!

I was reading through some newsletters about colon health, when I came across this interesting article about a traveling health exhibit that sounded pretty interesting.

Since Ciniva has done the web design for Dr. Keith Berger who operates the Center  for Cancer Prevention in Virginia Beach, a Virginia colonoscopy clinic specializing in helping patients maintain good colon health, this was important information  that needed to get out.

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The traveling health exhibit that has taken the U.S. by storm is a viagra giant colon that you walk through to learn about colorectal cancer.

There is no better way to spread the message of cancer prevention and early detection to millions of Americans than through hands-on, interactive educational exhibits that teach the basics on risk reduction, prevention and early detection.

Learn more about the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s signature exhibit the Super Colon, and book online for your next community event, health fair or convention.

Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Super ColonTM is an interactive educational tool traveling to communities all across America with the message that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable!  See YouTube and The Doctors TV show.

NOW OPEN – 2010 Reservations – CLICK HERE

Call Janet Hudson at 703.837.3681 for 2009 reservation information.

Bring the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Super ColonTM to your community so visitors can get an up-close look at:

  • healthy colon tissue
  • tissue with non-malignant colorectal disease like Crohn’s and colitis
  • colorectal polyps
  • various stages of colorectal cancer
  • Visitors will also learn about the importance of colorectal cancer screening, prevention tips, risks for developing colorectal cancer, symptoms and treatment options.
  • Find out if the Prevent Cancer Super ColonTM is coming to a location near you!
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