Thanksgiving Tales

Now that Thanksgiving is almost upon us, I am laughing to myself about past Thanksgiving traumas when I was raising my large family.  I was always in the kitchen complaining about all the work I had to do.  Electricity going off with a half cooked Turkey in the oven.  By the time the electricity came back on, we didn’t get to eat till 10pm that night.  viagra on line sales Another year my son took a terrible spill on his bike and broke his arm.  We ended up eating very late because of  the several hours spent in the emergency room.  This year I get to bring a specialty dish to a family members home who is hosting the holiday.  (I like that better)

I really hope to get up to the Jamestown Settlement this weekend with my grandchildren.  They are having a three-day event beginning on Thanksgiving Day.  At the Jamestown Settlement, you can learn how food was gathered, preserved and prepared on land and at sea by Virginia’s English colonists and Powhatan Indians.  At the Yorktown Victory Center, learn about typical soldiers’ fare during the American Revolution and trace the bounty of a 1780s farm from field to kitchen.

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When most people think of Thanksgiving and where it began, they think of the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  You’d be surprised to find out there are three other places in the US that claim to have had the first Thanksgiving , long  before the Pilgrims.

Rio Grande, El Paso, TX

In 1598, one of the first European explorers to land in Texas, Spaniard Don Juan de Oñate, ordered his men to rest and celebrate a day of thanksgiving for arriving safely.

Berkeley Plantation, VA

The land around the Berkeley Plantation was once known as Berkeley Hundred, this is the sight where English settlers in 1619, determined that the day of arrival would be celebrated each year as a “day of thanksgiving” to God.

Plymouth, MA

In 1621 the Native American’s taught the Pilgrims how to grow corn and catch fish. They celebrated the harvest by thanking God for the day and their meal.

Whether you are celebrating the holiday here in Hampton Roads or are traveling out of state, the Ciniva team wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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