We Love the Beach

There’s a reason why we choose to live and work here – we love the beach! This past weekend, the Neptune Festival closed with its annual Sand Sculpture contest –  and if you haven’t seen professional sand sculptors in action you are truly missing great works of natural art! We’re not talking pails and shovels here – this is high tech sand manipulation. Devices that look like torches spraying sand in different patterns. Smoothing and shaping and making sure everything sticks. We were worried the weather wouldn’t hold up, but we were lucky to get down to 10th Street and see these amazing wonders:

This is ALL SAND! Can you believe it? The pictures I took don’t really do them justice, but coming up close to note the detail – sand leaves, strands of hair, eyes…it’s incredible. Makes you wish they did this kind of thing all year.

It’s interesting, too, to note the similarity between sand sculpting and website design. Each designer goes in with a plan – sketches and outlines – then gathers the right tools necessary to create. Time is taken to shape the end product just right, and if something goes wrong you work to correct it. At the end of the day, you have something you can truly be proud of.

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