We’re all a-Twitter at work

Not the first time I’ve heard the suggestion that surfing the Internet at work can improve productivity, but now it’s official with this study from Australia: Facebook, YouTube at work make better employees. The idea, of course, is that if you take a few minutes in the workday to let us some Internet steam – maybe watch a viral video or Twitter your angst to the masses, you will feel somewhat refreshed and ready to tackle your work. This appears to be the online equivalent of the smoke break.

Of course, with many jobs using Twitter and Facebook and other social media sites may be required. As an SEO and SMO specialist, I do spend a good amount of the day checking clients’ MySpace accounts and Squidoo lenses, blogging about various topics (just did a short piece on Outer Banks brunch options). Sounds like a fun job, and it is, but it has its challenges as well. It’s one thing to maintain social networks, and it’s another game to attract people to those places, and consequently to the official sites they represent. I may enjoy writing an article on good places to eat in Currituck County, but the true job lies in getting other people to find that information.

How to do it? Keep writing. Fresh, relevant content is one way to build traffic. The more you share, the more is index, and the greater the opportunity for high search rankings. If you don’t have the time and energy to maintain that level of output, well…that’s what an SEO and SMO agent like me is for! Knowing what to write, where to write it, and how to market it is my job. :)

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